How To Earn Money Online Without Investment In Mobile?

How to earn money online without investment in mobile?  There are many articles and blogs available on the internet which tells you about the online earning and says you that you can earn money by 30 ways or 40 ways and claims that earning money online without any investment is not a big deal and its much more easier method than anything else. Trust me guys money making in this time of such a competitive era is very difficult. To earn money, from wherever if it’s online or offline you will have to give your fulltime to your work and will have to wait and will have to do the work with a very high level patience. Money making online and without any investment sounds difficult but not impossible. It’s possible that if you are giving your time to your work and work with patience over it, yes it will earn you money and you will be able to earn a lot if you will get older on that field. Today, in this article i will tell you that how you can earn money online and without any investment and on your mobile phone.

Guys, there are many methods through which you can earn money online without any investment and you will be able to earn from it, but yup guys it is very necessary to have basic idea about mobile phone and internet scrolling if you have that skill you are done and ready to earn money online.

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment In Mobile?

Guys, in this world of internet and google there are many methods of earning online money but i will tell you few of them which can possibly and definitely can earn you money in mobile phone.

Earn Money Online For Free

1.  Freelancing


Guys, I know you are thinking that i am also telling the same thing to you which other websites are telling and you are thinking that freelancing can be done only in PC or any computer but guys this is not true. Today, i will tell you that how you can do freelancing through your mobile phone and really can earn money. Guys freelancing is not a big deal i want to make you understand that freelancing doesn’t mean only to develop websites or doesn’t only mean that you should have the idea of coding. Freelancing includes many work titles excluding software or website developer like, it includes Content writing, Logo Making, Video editing, Photoshop and these all skills doesn’t require a PC or Computer to work on. Yes, i know what you are thinking? How video editing is possible over mobile phone or how can i create a logo on mobile all these are professional works content writing is not possible in this small screen without any proper keyboard. But, My friend you are not right..If you are reading this article till here so i know you are very curious to know the earning method on mobile phone so keep reading. So where was i had ended, yes my friend you are not right if you have the will to earn money so you can do this all on your mobile phone. There are many people whom i personally know, even me i have earned money through mobile through these ways that’s why i have thought i write this article to aware you that you need only will and strong determination to earn money and you will not need a phone. Many apps are there who provide you the free Video Editing tool and not only video editing, you can do professional video editing on that application(i.e. Power Director, KineMaster, these apps are free where you can sharpen your video editing skills as a beginner without investing any money.)Now you will say that these apps are not completely free but i will say you one thing that if really want to earn money from mobile don’t make excuses. If you have a little sense and you are little clever then you better now where you will find the free versions of these applications.(I am not recommending piracy.) Also many apps like these video editing tools allows you to photoshop and create a level up professional logos which you can create over your mobile.

Now, the thing is that if you have all the skills and requirements what about the work. Where will i get the work?, Upwork, Fiverr, these are the websites which allow you to register yourself for free and earn money from it. Now how will you get the work from that sites. Getting a work or online job from these sites is also not easy yo have to have patience for this too. You will have to first get your register as a freelancer on these sites and make your profile very neat and clean, like you should upload your resume very properly now you will say that i have not any skills you don’t need any skills for it just mention about yourself and your work on it that you have the skills of content writing, logo making and all of the things that you want to mention. And if you have the problem regarding Resume making then take help from ChatGPT it will create you a proper resume. Its is not all done here, now the main thing starts after doing all these things you will give your patience level examination, if you will pass it you will start earning. I mean that now the hard work starts, you will have to bid for the work on upwork or freelance but if you are on fiverr then you will have to create gigs and an attractive gigs, what these all i am talking about, i know you not understanding for these things you can watch videos for fiverr or upwork for a better knowledge. Here in this stage you will have to bid on the jobs posted on these sites and wait for the client to accept your proposal. And getting your first job can take months. You will have to wait. You will have to scroll daily on these sites for the job as of your requirement and send your resume daily to the different jobs and after getting your first job it will be easier to get the second job as compare to the first one. Because these sites requires rating on your profile so that people can trust you that you are the genuine one for their work and after your first job on these sites you will get your sites you will get you first review and it will made your profile boost over that platform and help you to get the job easily as compared to the first job. Hope you understand and understood the seen of the freelancing.

2.  Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing the word itself is very difficult to understand. Many people are not aware about affiliate marketing as it is a tough work. Don’t worry it is tough but not that much so that you can’t earn money from it. Affiliate marketing itself says that you will have to market the products, basically the online products and will have to sell it. Now you will ask where i will sell it. Don’t worry if you want to understand affiliate marketing you will have to first understand the point no 3.) and 4.) Read that first and then read this point of affiliate marketing.

Hope you have read the point no. 3 and 4 and understood the Affiliate Marketing.

3.  YouTube


YouTube in this time is the best way to earn money from online and without any investment. It is a platform from where you can earn lakhs even crores. We will not go to that crores or lakhs now but yes it is possible after a lots of hard-times. We will stick to the zero presently but yes if you have a free time of atleast two hours if you are a beginner you will need this 2 hours of time definitely cause in this beginning stage you don’t have that much idea that’s why i have told. You can start making video today just choose one niche, means only category and don’t scroll that much for the niche just choose one and start. After starting youtube onw day you will thank me on coming to this blog and say your blog was awesome it helped me alot to choose my path to earn money online. Youtube is a thing which if you consistently do for only 3 4 months, i know this is not only 2 3 months but it is 2….. 3 months but yes bro you will have to have patience of atleast this much time to start getting the result not only in this field but over any platform or for online money making. After start making money from online you will get realise that that much of time(3 or 4 months) was really hard but you will then satisfy and understand that valuable important 2 3 months.

Once you will have the audience in Youtube and start earning from there you can also be able to earn from affiliate easily. Now understand if you have the audience over youtube then for example, you are using a camera for video recording like nikon camera have and you have a Boya mic for recording your sound for your videos, you can then recommend to your audience that i use this camera  i use this mic for my video shooting and can give the affiliate link of that camera and mic in your description and say your audience to buy it from your link. It will make you earn money online through two different ways. Now i hope you understand why i had told you first read that two points.

4.  Blogging


Blogging is simply a content writing thing(Free blogging sites,, WordPress). People thinks that blogging requires a PC to work but no you just need to type in this thing. Yes, you are right that you have to search for the trending topics and the keywords and tags for your blog to rank but it does not requires any PC or Computer to search only, the keywords or trending topics, you can do it on your phone too. Yes you will definitely face some problems as mobile phone can’t beat a PC or a Computer but “If you really want to do something and earn money online then you will not see the problems, you will search for the solutions.” 

Many free blogging courses are there over YouTube which you can see and learn to create a free website without any prior knowledge of coding or any investment. You can daily write your articles o your free website with the proper research of keywords and tags. People will say you and suggest you to buy the hosting but it doesn’t need anything just you have to start working on it properly and it will give you result through days.

Like YouTube, when your blogging starts getting visitors on your website you can provide affiliate links of the product on it and can earn money online from it. Also you can give your website link on your YouTube Channel description so that you can engage your audience on your site and it will also help you to earn through different ways. By working in any one platform, when you will start getting the money from it you can then earn differently through that one method only.

5. Mobile E-commerce: Dropshipping


Drop Shipping is a little tough method to earn money online for beginners who wants to earn money online but you can read about this for just a basic idea that what dropshipping is and what are the ways to earn money online from dropshipping?

Drop shipping is a form of e-commerce where you sell products online without having to handle the inventory, packaging, or shipping yourself to help you make money on the internet. It is basically like affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing you just have to sell the products just by giving the links and you will not have to deliver the products, it is what where you will give the link of product from amazon or Flipkart which will be a affiliate link and whenever a customer buy that product from your link you will get some percentage of that product (like 10% or 20% of that product price). And in this dropshipping you will have to affiliate the product means you will have to sell the products and even you have to deliver it through your own relaible partner. You can simply create an online store in this dropshipping using platforms like shopify, WooCommerce or BigCommerce, and find a reliable supplier who will fulfill the orders for you. You can source products from platforms like AliExpress, Spocket, or SaleHoo, or create your own branded products using platforms like Printful or Printify. You can earn money from drop shipping by marking up the prices of the products you sell.

You can just skip this method of earning and try all the above methods to earn money online without any investment and in your mobile phone.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. Secret websites to make money.

There are not any secret websites to make money. You need to hardwork.

Q. Online Money Making Sites.

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Q. How to earn money online for students without investment.

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Q. Real ways to make money from home for free.

There are many ways to earn money from your home. You can read this article to know the methods.

Q. How to earn money online without investment in mobile

In this world of internet and google there are many methods of earning online money but i will tell you few of them which can possibly and definitely can earn you money in mobile phone.

Q. How to make money in one hour

There are not any method to make money in one hour. You can go through this article to understand the methods to earn money online.

Q. Make money online from home

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Q. How to earn money online

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Q. Online Paise Kaise Kamaye

There are many ways to earn money online. You can read this article to know the methods or the ways.

Q. Online Paise Kaise Kamaye Bina Investment Ke

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